Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ajisen Noodles (Shanghai)

I arrived in Shanghai hungry and this restaurant conveniently located across the street from where I was staying. With 103 locations and more coming in Shanghai and 443 locations spread throughout the rest of China, Ajisen Ramen is a continuously growing Japanese fast food joint offering lots of Japanese noodle and dish choices. They have an extensive choice of noodles, rice, and appetizers that offer different tastings of Japan.

White Peach Calpis
Calpis, which is a Japanese un-carbonated soft drink, tastes just like a light milky yogurt. It's also sold in the US at pretty much any Asian supermarket so if you're curious you should try it. In this particular case, my Calpis was infused with a white peach flavor which made it a really refreshing drink.

Beef Wrapped Enoki Mushrooms
I started off the meal with this appetizer. Enoki mushrooms are long, thin, white mushrooms that are typically found growing in clusters on certain trees. They're chewy/crisp in texture and are often found in Asian cooking. In this particular case, the mushrooms are wrapped with thin slices of beef and then grilled to perfection. On top they drizzle a Japanese ponzu sauce which heightens the taste tremendously.

Prawn Noodles
Suggested to me by the server, this signature dish was what I ordered. The prawns (more like regular shrimp) and slices of pork were a bit overdone for my taste, but it was still pretty tasty. It could have been that I was starving when I arrived in Shanghai, but this bowl of noodles was satisfying. The broth was pretty thick so I didn't end up finishing it since it would be too much.

Okinawa Style Seafood Noodles
My mom ordered the seafood noodles that had squid, shrimp, seaweed and corn. This was similar to the dish I ordered except that the broth was lighter and more infused with a seafood flavor.

Verdict? For a quick bite of Japanese noodles and dishes, I would definitely hit this place up again. They have a huge variety of meals and dishes on their menu so it'll be a while before you run out of something new to try. Each dish was flavorful (not sure how authentically Japanese it was though) and the service was quick.

Ajisen Noodles
Locations are all over China with a majority of them in Shanghai. Refer to the website for the location closest to you.

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