Saturday, September 18, 2010

Best Buffet (Plano, TX)

So I've been reading recent reviews on this place and seeing things like "lobsters were overcooked", "all you get are lobster head/claws with no tail", and "the hostess was rude and impatient". I must have been real lucky last night when I went then because the lobsters (whole ones) and snow crabs were fresh, the wait staff was friendly (although they could have been quicker on their feet), and I had an overall great experience. I had been here previously so even with reviews like that, I never had that bad of an excuse to not go.

There are also reviews saying this place is really run down and needs a renovation, but I suppose that would be the case if you were comparing this to a buffet inside the Bellagio or a restaurant in the Four Seasons. Honestly, the environment was great, and there was plenty of food offered that was on par if not better than some of the other buffets I've eaten at.

Steamed Lobster
Of course the first thing I go for when I get there is the steamed lobster. As you can see, it's a whole lobster, not just the head and claws. The lobster was steamed perfectly and was tender and juicy. The only bad thing was once they start getting busy and the lobsters come out, they're gone within the minute so you need to keep a constant watch. With the prices of lobster in today's market, eating 2 of these should get you your money's worth for the buffet.

Sushi Bar
Aside from the seafood and and regular buffet items, there's a sushi bar with sushi and sashimi options along with some other Japanese goods such seaweed salad. On this place, starting from the escolar (white fish) pieces and going left, I have escolar, jellyfish salad, sushi rolls, and octopus sashimi. I have to say the jellyfish salad and escolar were my favorites on this place.

Clams, Whelk, and Scallops
After my plate from the sushi bar I went back for more seafood. I got a plate of clams stir-fried in black bean sauce, boiled whelks, and scallops with zucchini. The clams were good and plentiful, although I feel like it could have used a little bit more sauce. The whelks were amazingly fresh and not gritty. If you don't know what whelks are, they're basically snails from the sea, with a chewy texture. The scallops were large, good, and not overcooked.

Buffet Plate
Next I decided to get some stuff from the regular buffet area to kind of let you guys know what else was there. On this plate starting from the bottom and going left is peppercorn frog legs, fried squid, butterflied mayo shrimp bake, stir-fry blue crab, and mayo shrimp (the walnut shrimp that you find in Chinese restaurants without the walnuts). Just to give you an idea, all the things you've seen in all these pictures so far make up probably 15-20% of all the food choices they have so there's definitely more.
Taro Tapioca Dessert
The last thing I had after my plate of fruit was this dessert. It's one of my favorite Asian desserts ever. It's basically clear tapioca and taro cooked in coconut milk. It's something you should definitely try whether you're at a restaurant, in Asia, or at this buffet (assuming they have it).

Verdict? I hadn't been here in a long time but since a family friend wanted to go here, that's what brought me back. Maybe I went on a really good night or maybe their food has gotten better, but I had no complaints except for slightly slower service and that shouldn't be anything that would completely ruin my review. This was just a small snippet of everything they had to offer at their buffet. There's also a Mongolian grill area that was not mentioned so they definitely have a lot to offer. If you can't decide on a buffet to try in Dallas, this is definitely one you should hit up.

Best Buffet

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