Friday, September 10, 2010

Sushi A-Go-Go with some Sno-Beach on the side. (Austin, TX)

Today's culinary exploit is Sushi A-Go-Go. Let me tell you, it was quite an adventure just to get a taste of this sushi and I almost gave up hope on trying it. It started off as a place I planned to go for lunch before my GMAT so I headed down to the Barton Springs location and every food trailer there seemed to be open except for Sushi A-Go-Go. I whipped out my trusty iPhone only to find out that it didn't open till after 11:30AM so I decided to go take my test and come back later. How'd it go you ask? Let's just say I never liked the SAT and the GMAT was like the SAT on crack.

So after a my test, my appetite decided to slap me across the face to let me know what's up. I realized that I hadn't eaten anything since I had woken up. I headed back to Sushi A-Go-Go with excitement knowing that it was going to be open and I was greeted with this sign...

Great, this must have been a sure sign that it wasn't meant to be. I had no idea when the guy inside put this sign up so I figured that since it was already posted when I got there, he'd most likely be back within 10 minutes so I sat there and waited... and waited... 

While waiting I was just making observations on the area and it seems to be like a tight-knit trailer community. It was like a trailer park full of food with plenty of umbrella shaded benches.

After 10 minutes had passed, I became thirsty and Sno-Beach was conveniently located next to the sushi trailer. For those of you that haven't been to Sno-Beach on 34th and Guadalupe, you're missing out. For the Sno-Beach virgins, the small is a pretty decent size and you MUST order it with cream; it makes a world of difference!

The trailer is the exact same as the one on Guadalupe and the flavors are also unchanged. There always seems to be attractive girls that work inside of these trailers.

Black Cherry and Margarita with Cream
You can choose up to 3-4 flavors but when you're about half-way through it the flavors will all most likely have melted and meshed together.

I hope someday to become a great dad like this one and take my kids out for snow cones and ice cream on a hot summer day. It's things like this that give life some meaning.

As I was slurping down my own snow cone, I saw the sushi man approaching the truck. He looked like a legit sushi chef (and was quite possibly Japanese). I ordered the Fat Samurai roll, the Sunshine roll, and the Superfly roll. I originally wanted the BBQ eel roll which had eel, avocado, and cucumber but the Superfly had eel and salmon skin. I asked if he would be able to add avocado and cucumber to my Superfly roll and he was more than happy to oblige. The guy was nice and didn't charge me any extra. Yes, I know I ordered a lot and no, I didn't eat it all. 

The most ridiculous thing happened when I was paying for my order. This seemingly homeless woman came and said the she needed money for a cab ride home cause the bus wouldn't take her where she needed to go. At the time I had received $4 back in change (one of which I put in the tip jar) so obviously I couldn't just say sorry I don't have any change. I gave her a dollar without and she says "can you give me $5 more dollars?" I straight up told her no and she asked again till I told her no a second time. I went back to the bench I was sitting at and the unthinkable happened next. The lady reached into the tip jar and tried to grab as many bills as she could! I was like, "Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing?" and at this time the sushi guy looks out and yells "ARE YOU STEALING FROM ME? HUH? GET OUTTA HERE!" The lady started leaving the area as fast as she could. What has the world come to nowadays? You try to do something nice for someone and it ends up that they're just a bunch of trash that should be in jail. Sorry, I had to throw this into today's post because when my day seemed to have gotten better, it was ruined again by this bitch.

Anyways, not to deter too far from the topic, 5-10 minutes after this whole ordeal happened, I heard the faint calling of the Japanese guy inside the trailer; "Order for Jonathan!". YES! As I approached the window, he said in a slightly fobby accent, "Can you believe that crazy lady? I've never seen this happen before".

Fat Samurai Roll
This $12 roll is a combination of tuna, salmon, yellowtail, imitation crab, shrimp, avocado, cucumber, and green leaf lettuce. When they say fat, they mean fat. The pieces were huge! Even though it's 5 pieces, I'm sure all the pieces combined can create more than 8 pieces of normal sized sushi.

Sunshine and Superfly Roll
The eight pieces on top were the Sunshine roll ($6 with salmon, mango, and avocado) and the ones on the bottom were the Superfly roll ($6.50 with BBQ eel, salmon skin, avocado, cucumber with eel and go-go sauce on top)

Verdict? I would definitely come back here to eat again. The price was fair, less than high end sushi joints. The fish is as fresh as nice sushi restaurants you find downtown and the flavors meld together very nicely. The Sunshine roll was probably my favorite so if you get a chance to check out this place, try it out.

Here's the 411 for Sushi A-Go-Go and Sno-Beach

Sushi-A-Go-Go Medical Pkwy
4001 Medical Pkwy
Austin, TX 78756
(In the Shell parking lot)
Mon-Fri: 11:30am - 8:30pm
Sat: 12:00noon - 8:30pm
Sun: Closed

Sushi-A-Go-Go Barton Springs
801 Barton Springs Rd.
Austin, TX 78704
Mon-Fri: 11:30am - 8:30pm
Sat: 12:00noon - 8:30pm
Sun: Closed

Lamar Sno Beach
Lamar and Butler. Butler is right before Barton Springs, when you're headed south on lamar. you'll see the line
Sunday-Friday: Noon to 9
Saturday: 11-9
Fiesta Sno Beach:
38th and 1/2 and I-35 @ the Fiesta Mart
Sunday-Friday: Noon to 9
Saturday: 11-9
Guad. Sno Beach
34th and Guadalupe
Sunday-Friday: Noon to 9
Saturday: 11-9


  1. I now want to try this place. How was the pricing on it?

  2. pricing was good. less than what you would pay at a japanese restaurant downtown. you can find their menu with pricing on the site provided toward the end of the post. =)

  3. My friend tutors their kids :o) They are nice!