Monday, September 27, 2010

Ning Bo Dumplings (Shanghai)

Ning Bo Dumplings, known for their tangyuan (literally translated to soup balls) among other small dim sum like dishes, is located in the Chenghuang Temple or Yu Gardens area. This area is a bustling area with tons of tourists and locals alike.

Sesame Tangyuan
Tangyuan, which are basically made from gelatinous rice flour, can be filled or not filled at all. They usually have a sweet filling that can be anything from peanuts and sesame to red bean and more. In this particular case, I got the traditional sesame tangyuan. After they're made, they're boiled and then served in the same water they're cooked in.

Dim Sum Dishes
In additional to the tangyuan they're known for, right when you walk in the door there's also many dim sum offerings on your right. I was too full to try these but they sure did look delicious. Seats are hard to get and people usually order without even having a place to sit.

Verdict? The tangyuan was delicious, but according to my friend that lives in Shanghai, the dim sum dishes here are sub par to dim sum that you can find at other places. So if you're ever wanting to try out tangyuan, this would definitely be the place to try.

Ning Bo Dumplings
Yu Gardens Zigzag Bridge, 112 Yuyuan Road (near Jiujiaochang Road)  

It's only the first floor of that building so don't walk up the other floors thinking it's extra sitting space.

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