Friday, September 10, 2010

A Touch of Fire

After reading my previous post about Sushi A-Go-Go, my friend really wanted to try it so he asked me if I wanted to go again today. I told him yes, but I'll probably try another one of the food trailers so I can provide you guys with some more insight as to what else was around the area.

In a corner behind Sno-Beach lies this unlabeled blue trailer with red, white, and blue lights on top with which I'm assuming, is to replicate the lights on a fire truck? This trailer seemed to be getting a constant customer flow so I figured it shouldn't be too bad at all. There's 2 Thai ladies (seemed like a mother/daughter run place) that are working inside with a few woks.

I approached the menu to see what was on it. I asked a customer that was waiting on his food if he had any suggestions. He said that the Pad Thai was good as well as the Thai Fried Rice. He also mentioned that the portion sizes were really good, and by the looks of his stature, I figured it had to be a good amount if it was to fill him. I decided to go for the Pad Thai (with chicken and tofu) and Spring Rolls (with chicken).

Chicken and Tofu Pad Thai
The portion of the Pad Thai was smaller than I had expected, but it was enough to fill me. Taste, I would give it a 7/10. I don't know what authentic Pad Thai tastes like so I can only compare it to the Pad Thai I've had at places like Madam Mam's or Thai Noodle House. It was definitely flavorful but for almost the same price at sit-down restaurants, I wouldn't say it's completely worth it.

Spring Rolls
To be honest, these were okay but not the best. I may be a bit biased but I think once you've made your own spring rolls with all the goodies you enjoy putting in them, the ones you order anywhere else don't seem to match up.

Verdict? I honestly can't say that I'd order from here again unless someone orders the Thai Fried Rice for me and it proves otherwise. All in all I give this place a 7/10. It was decent but I feel could have a few improvements. Lesson learned? Don't ask strangers with Americanized tastes if they enjoy Asian food.

This trailer is also located in the same area as Sushi A-Go-Go. There's only 1 food vendor that I haven't touched in this lovely area. The place is called Osmo's Kitchen and they're suppose to have crazy good made-to-order fresh beignets on Saturday's around noon along with great Lousiana/American/Italian cuisine, so look forward to this post tomorrow!

A Touch of Fire

801 Barton Springs Rd
AustinTX 78704
(512) 589-5269
Not entirely sure about their business hours but most likely the same as the other vendors.

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