Saturday, September 25, 2010

鮮芋仙 - Meet Fresh (Taiwan)

Started by two siblings, the eldest sister and brother of the Fu family, Meet Fresh was established and opened to introduce old-time dessert flavors into the modern world. Similar to a modern shaved ice place in Taiwan, the desserts served here contain many similar ingredients you'll find at the shop such as grass jelly, pearls, QQ (chewy) goods in the flavors of taro and sweet potato, fresh taro, peanuts, red beans, etc. except that the ingredients they use are freshly made and without preservatives.

Soft Soy Pudding and Peanuts
This dessert contains soft soy pudding which has a texture very close to soft tofu. This is made in large pots in huge chunks. When ordered, they use a tool that resembles a fusion of a ladle and spatula to cut out pieces of the large chunk into smaller pieces. This is put in a bowl along with cooked peanuts and then topped immersed in a cold soup consisting of mainly water, ice, ginger juice, and sugar.

Hot Taro Dessert
My mom ordered the option that was hot instead of cold. They have a few hot dessert options that warms a body up during the cooler months in the winter. This dessert starts off with a sweet, hot taro soup base and then fresh taro, QQ taro and sweet potato chunks (the yellow and light purplish things), red beans, and tapioca pearls are added.

Black Sugar Ice with Grass Jelly
This is basically a traditional shaved ice dessert with a twist. Instead of just using a block of ice, they combine black sugar with water first to make a semi-sweet ice mixture and then use that to make shaved ice. There's a layer of this sweet icy mix on the bottom and then fresh grass jelly (gelatin-like texture with an Asian herb taste) on top. QQ taro and sweet potato chunks are added to it and you can top if off with optional cream.

Verdict? This shaved ice store along with any other shaved ice stall you find in Taiwan is sure to be a great solution to cooling yourself down on a hot day or warming yourself up on a cold day. For about $1.75 a bowl, you cant go wrong with anything you decide to try.

鮮芋仙 - Meet Fresh
They have locations all over Taiwan so check the website for location and phone information.

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